Inspiration for Building the Vent Hood

Friday, July 31, 2020

The most recent project I completed for the kitchen was the vent hood, so I thought I would share some of the builds I found online that helped inspire my own.  I put it off for months because I wasn't sure how to go about it.  When I finally decided to jump in and get started, I referred back to some of the the inspiration I had pinned and bookmarked for building the hood. 
One of the biggest catalyst for even putting it on my radar, was a post I pinned years ago by Jill over at The Rozy Home.  Seeing the framing she created to build hers was just the inspiration I needed to start ideas turning in my head.  She tweaked the design of her original build over the years to create a metal-look hood.  You would hardly believe that she started with builder-grade oak cabinets and a microwave over the range!

She has since moved and created a NEW wood vent hood in the photo below that's just as amazing.  But it was so funny the day I went to pick up materials for my vent hood, I was in line flipping thru a magazine and saw her original metal hood featured in a magazine!

A second inspiration was the wood detail of a vent hood by Jamie over at Whitetail Farmhouse.  Even though it was a stand-alone hood, I loved the worn wood look she created, and the shiplap and trim detailing it had. 

(Whitetail Farmhouse: Blog | Instagram)

One other inspiration I will share is an article by Ashlea written on Remodelaholic about building her vent hood.  She also blogs over at This Mamas Dance.  I think seeing the angles she cut for her framing helped me tremendously.  

Because every kitchen in different, my vent hood didn't end up looking exactly like my inspo.  But they helped me figure out how to create my vent hood.  

But that's the thing I love about blogs and Pinterest.  They can give so many ideas that help us to figure out how to DIY a project!  To see more vent hood inspiration, visit my DIY Vent Hood Pinterest Board.  Next week, I'll share the post on how I actually built my vent hood.


  1. Congratulations on this beautiful reno project. I’m so impressed with the work you’ve done yourself. I admire that kind of “ I’ll figure it out” attitude. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thank-you, I don't always have it, but try to remind myself that I can!