Color Crush-SW Pewter Green

Friday, September 15, 2017

Once or twice a year, I will have a photo or design that I feel smitten with.  One that will take my breath away and make me want to redo everything in the house.  


This color.

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green. 

 House Seven Instagram |Blog | SherwinWilliams Pewter Green

I think I'm in love.  I saw this color and went and bought a sample of it and one shade darker to test.

Pewter Green was the winner.  I already bought a gallon and I need it in my life. It's sort of a grayed out olive green, and reminds me of rosemary, olive tree leaves, and of a really great army green jacket.  It goes well with bronze, gold, and chrome.  

 2013 Southern Living Idea House | SW6208 Pewter Green

2013 Southern Living Idea House | SW6208 Pewter Green

This kitchen by Urban Grace Interiors uses SW Retreat, which is one shade lighter than Pewter Green.  Love it too!

Urban Grace Interiors | SW 6207 Retreat

I feel really inspired to use this color and will share one of the ideas tomorrow.

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Hallway Makeover-The Oak House Reno

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A hallway is an easily forgotten space.  It can be somewhat unimportant, after all it literally is just a pass thru.  After painting the bathroom, I wanted to update this space because the walls were marked up, and the doors were the original 1980's mauve-ish pink.  More importantly, this house doesn't have a coat closet.  The only closet on the lower level is the laundry room, and it is pretty narrow.  

I thought of doing hooks to create a sort of 'coat closet', and I kind of love it!  The hooks remind me of my kindergarden classroom.  I don't remember much about it, but I do remember this little cubby/coat area behind a wall in the classroom.  And I loved being able to go back there at put away my things!  

These little vintage striped hooks add the perfect amount of interest to this mundane hallway and serve a purpose.  Come on in and let me put away your things!

I had to work around the thermostat that was centered on the wall.  So I decided to hang my existing bird prints, that originally hung in my master bedroom at the old house.  They've been leaning against the wall since we moved, so it was good to get them up.  



I still want to update the brown doorbell box hanging over the art prints, and also update the lighting.  I have another idea that involves painting all of the hallway doors in house, but I will talk more about that later. In the meantime, if you can re-create the art using the items below!

Calendar for Art Prints


Wall Color-Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray
Trim Color-Sherwin Williams Alabaster
Wall Hooks-Anthropologie (discontinued)

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Updates to the Upstairs Bath

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I can't believe the last time I wrote about this space was February!  I hadn't quite finished painting the cabinets at the time, but I did finally complete them.  I also finally found dark gray towels to match the shower curtain and added a bit more artwork.  It's a difficult space to take pictures of because of the way the light comes in.  

One of my favorite finds for this space was this geometric print shower curtain which mimics the hex floor tiles.


I keep a lamp on because I'm afraid of the dark, haha!  But it does illuminate the hallway if we need to get up in the night.

This is what we started from.

So these are all just cosmetic updates.  The original tile and countertops are still here, but the paint on the vanity and walls was updated.  The light switches and outlets were updated.  And new art work, towels, and lamp make the space feel updated.  Remaining Phase I projects are:

1. Changing out the countertop, sink, and faucet.

2. Updating the vanity and ceiling lights.

3. Adding wood trim around the mirror.

Until next time!

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A Boy's Room at the New House

Saturday, September 2, 2017

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A summer hiatus from working on projects served as a creative inspiration and motivation to begin tackling spaces that have been neglected since moving in. I think to date, I've painted 5 spaces since school began.  I would start on the next space before finishing up the one I was working on to keep the ball rolling.

This is the Bub's room, and he requested 'real color'.  None of that neutrals and grays business.   Humph. I had to think back to my mom letting me paint my shared room lavender and helping me buy purple comforters for our bunk beds.  Ackk!!! That would make me want to claw my eyes out now, but I loved it as a kid.  And in his defense, I actually like this color too!  He requested blue, but I got to pick the shade.  It worked out great because this was a color I tested out for the dining room and had been looking for a space to use it in.

With this room , the paint needed a refresher, and  the closet walls needed a full blown face lift. I don't know if the shelving was torn from the walls or they had slowly fell off over the years but there were soooo many holes in the wall, not to mentions all of the dings to fill.  But, I got it all done, and man, what a difference it makes!



Original Space

Just after moving in and adding new flooring,

And today!

Usually the Bub doesn't go to his room until bedtime, but yesterday he went there to hangout right after getting home from school.  I love that we were able to reuse almost everything from his room at the old house.  I could never find another set of the original curtains to add to the windows, but I was able to re-purpose them in the game room.

Remaining projects for this room are:

1.  Updating the light switches, sockets, and plates from almond to white.

2.  Replace the fan/light.

3.  Add art to the empty picture frames.

4.  Add art above the bed.

I will share sources in a later post, but let me know if there's anything you're interested in.

Until next time!

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Back to School with Cat and Jack

Friday, September 1, 2017

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I only have one kid, but I still hunt for deals and shop resale because kids grow out of their clothes so quickly.  So I wanted to share this one with you!   I stumbled into the Cat and Jack line at Target last school year when I was looking for a t-shirt and was happy with the quality.  Their entire Cat and Jack line is on sale for 20% off now thru Monday September 3rd, so if you need to add a few more pieces to your kids back to school wardrobe, its a pretty good deal!   I held out for a sale at my usual store for this year's school clothes, but never saw a deal that made me jump.  Two weeks before school started the Cat and Jack tees and jeans were on a major sale, AND I found out that the clothes come with basically a one year warranty and I was sold.  I stocked up on tees, added a few pairs of jeans and a couple of athletic shorts and I was done with back to school clothes shopping without even leaving the house (WIN!), and they arrived within a few days.  

I was skeptical about the jeans, but they ended up being great as well.  I usually buy them from another store that has the jeans with the adjustable waistband, which is invaluable because my son usually grows into his jeans thru the school year.  You know, in August we are tightening up the waistband and rolling up the cuffs, but by the end of the year they fit perfectly.  Well guess what?  The Cat and Jack jeans have that too, plus they are guaranteed to last a year!  You do have to have your receipt, but if you're shopping online like I am, you'll automatically have it saved to your email. Needless to say, this is my new stop for back to school clothes, and it doesn't hurt that the tees are so cute, ahem, handsome I mean.  Take a peek at a few of our favorites pieces!




These are all pieces that the Bub will be wearing this fall.  Of course there are many more styles and options and they carry boys and girls clothing.  But these are a few of our favorites for this school year!

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