A Mini Garden Tour

Monday, May 16, 2016

This spring, I feel like I got ahead of weather and got quite a bit of work done early in the season.  The yard took a beating from the winter temps and looked quite dismal back in February.  So when we had an unexpectedly warm end of winter, I took advantage of it and with a garden clean up.  I feel that all my hard work has paid off, and I actually am wanting to go outside and sit.  There is still a patch of grass that needs some love, but overall its gotten more love this year than usual.

One thing that had to go were some overgrown shrubs.  The patio and retaining walls were overdue for paint, and the shrubs and plants needed a good fertilizing, and the yard needed a good mulch clean out.   Doing just those things and potting up a few plants has made the yard look so much better.  I still have a few more pots I would like to plant up. I have a bad habit of putting plants in pots, but not actually potting the plants!  But I think I can complete them before it gets too warm.

  I put together two matching pots, and I am loving the silver-toned greens, against the whites and purples.  You probably can't quite see it, but there's a lavender plant tucked in the middle of each planter.  Really looking forward to seeing these fill out.

A few more pics of after sunset...

I'll share some ideas for a patio spruce-up next time!

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