One Room Challenge Week 6 - {Master Bedroom Reveal!}

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reveal day is here!  I have followed along in years past with other participants as they made over spaces and have been truly inspired!  So this year when I saw that Linda at Calling it Home had started the fall One Room Challenge and opened it up to guest participants, I had to get in on the action.  Of course, it totally helped that I had already been musing about making over my Master Bedroom.  But without the push of working alongside the other guest participants, I would have never pushed forward to complete it in such a short time.

All of that being said, I can't wait to see what everyone else has done.  I'm already in love with Sherry's makeover over at Design Indulgence. It's full of neutrals and deep charcoals, which always make my heart beat fast!  And did you also see Cassie's high gloss navy blue built-ins over at Hi Sugarplum?!!  I'm in love!  I may have to repaint my dining room shelves, haha!  But I will save that for another time.  If you're here, you probably want to see how my Master Bedroom turned out, and I can't wait to show you!  Come take a peek!

I had forgotten about this little table.  It was covered with a tablecloth, but I think it was the first piece of furniture I ever bought from an antiques store.  I love the little scallop detail around the edges.  It ended up being the perfect height and scale for a lamp and plant, while still leaving room to put down a cup of tea and something to read.

The project evolved from my original design board, but I love the results.  It's been quite a change from six weeks ago.

I'm especially loving that the AV components sort of blend into this new/old dresser, since they're all black.  I still have plans for a built-in, but this is such an improvement! :) 

I also ended up not re-using the seafan art.  They didn't seem to go with the bird motif, for one.  But  also when I originally put them together, I had them 'professionally' framed.   The good news is that Hobby Lobby does a good job because I couldn't get the glass out of the frame!  I didn't want to break the glass, so that project is on a back burner for another room.  

If you would like to see projects from previous weeks, click on the links below.  

I'll be back to share sources and some more of my favorites from the One Room Challenge!
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Week 5-One Room Challenge {DIY Artwork}

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is it Week 5 of the One Room Challenge already?  If you're new here, the ORC is a design challenge to makeover a room in six weeks.  This week I was able to finish one of my DIY art projects.  And again, it's such simple idea that I hate I put it off for nearly two years!

DIY Artwork

Step 1:  Buy a beautiful Paper Source wall calendar.  Enjoy it for the year.

Step 2: Purchase 3, 6, up to 12 Ikea Ribba Frames.

Step 3: Slice the 'calendar' portion off of the prints you want to use. (Measure first!)

Step 4: Insert prints into frames, then hang.

I selected six prints to go around the TV, and can't wait to show them to you next week.

One small change I made this week was to swap out the white quilt I had with a cream one from my guest room.  The original quilt was more of a pure white, whereas most of Ikea's white fabrics are more of a cream.  I realized it was being very 'bossy'.  If something in a space is clashing visually with everything else, it's being bossy.  And you've got to decide if it deserves to be the boss.  If it does, you work everything else around it.  If it doesn't, it's got to go.  I really liked my bedding.  Both the quilt and duvet are Marshall's/TJ Maxx finds that I had before the challenge began.  The duvet is bossy too, but it deserves to be the boss, ha ha!  

I also made room for the bigger chair and tried out these bird pillows.

I still have to tie up the loose ends and iron out the kinks literally in the drapes and slipcovers.  But looking forward to the final reveal next week! 

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