Thrifted Desk {Refinished}!

Monday, September 30, 2013

I wrapped up refinishing the desk for the playroom a couple of weeks ago.  I ended up re-stripping and sanding it with hopes of removing the bit of lime wax on the top.  Although I wasn't able to completely remove that finish, I was able to remove marker stains and the original varnish that sort of dated the wood.  I used a water-based stripper to keep cleanup easy, reapplying two times.  So there was a time trade-off.  

 After stripping the finish, I sanded it down and wiped it clean.

I love the look of clean, stripped wood.  However, it will not hold up well in a playroom without some sort of protection.  I went searching for a clear, matte finish, and ended up using a water-based satin polyurethane.  So here is a before and after:



Not bad for eleven bucks!

This desktop has been taking a beating since the day I returned it to the playroom--being used as a homework station, play-doh table, and a playing field for superheros.  That makes me happy, because that's what it was intended for.  I may eventually change to a painted enamel finish for better durability, but for now it works!  Now I just need to find new hardware, sew the curtains, and a few more projects...

You know it never ends!

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