Nature's Winter Color Palette

Monday, January 22, 2024

I don't think I have been as obsessed with a cutting since discovering Queen Anne's Lace growing on the side of the road last summer, lol!  This is 'Fire Chief' Arborvitae.  Welcome to my winter color palette.  The paint color on that swatch is Ben Moore Gloucester Sage...just insert all the heart emoji's here.

When I saw this pillow, I realized I already have this palette inside...this plus a green velvet and I'm done.  It's from Pottery Barn a few years ago called Shelli Paisley.  I've been able to find it over the years via Ebay and Poshmark/Mercari.

My 'cutting' started out in the kitchen the night before, then moved to my office for a day.  It inspired me to clean up the two shelves in the photo and declutter the corners of my office and inside the armoire which was collecting a lot of miscellaneous items.  Poor third day.

When picking up groceries the next day, the color (and price!) of these Anjou pears made me get a few.  I'm not even a fan of pairs, (i mean pears, though actually it a pair, lol) but these were actually really good.  And even better, aren't they pretty?!

But wait there's more, lol!  I actually stole that pillow from my family room, but then found this rust colored blanket behind a chair in my living room.  I must have put it away over the summer, so that was a happy find.  But isn't it the perfect shade of rust that perfectly compliments that olive green and gives all the warm and cozy vibes for these cold, blustery days?  Just say yes.

Until inspiration strikes again...

If you want a good source for a delicious, affordable green velvet pillow, here's one I've bought repeatedly. 



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A 'Few Good Things' This Week

Sunday, January 21, 2024

A few good things that brought me joy this past week:

This shrub in my front yard, 'Fire Chief' Arborvitae, caught my eye because the cold has brought out it's most beautiful shade of rust red.  I was trying to get a picture of it with my coat and the wood, because it was the most perfect winter color palette.  I took cuttings to have inside and was thinking, "How can I get this palette in my house?"  Only to realize, it's pretty much the palette I have already!


I've been getting outside to walk Monday thru Friday for 30-60min because I think the outdoors is good for both my mental and physical health.  It's been REALLY cold this week, but when I weigh it against walking on the treadmill the outdoors wins every time, lol!  There's something about the crisp air and brilliant sunlight that begs me to come outside and play.  Plus, by the time I bundle up with this coat I have, I have yet to not sweat under all the layers.  

Speaking of walking, I usually walk my hood, but took it to the park one day last week, and it did not disappoint!  It's a county park with your standard trails and a disc golf course.  But, if you frame the view right, there are moments where you can imagine that you're tucked away in the English countryside, which makes it look so beautiful even on a cloudy day.

And as I was ending my walk, the sun broke thru and gave the most brilliant cloudscape that I don't think I would have been able to see quite as well if I was at home.  What a gift!


And finally, I ended last year, and began this year being sick, so last weekend was the first weekend we were able to go do something fun as a family.  And I had been wanting to get back to the High Museum on their Second Sunday which is free for the family.  So we did!

It was nice to get out on the town, and while I was there I remembered that there was a piece of art that I had been really wanting to see in person.  It's a piece by the artist Donald Martiny.  I came across him and his work on Instagram a few years ago, and have wished I lived near a gallery that has his work.  Well, a while back he posted that a piece was hanging in a building here in Atlanta, and I realized when we were at The High that it was only a five minute walk away. It was amazing! I know absolutely nothing about art, but his work speaks to me. I think because, to me, he takes the purest form of art...the brushstroke, and creates sculpture out of that.   

You guys, he creates this BY HAND!  And the color striations, the texture, the bubbles that you would see in a dab of paint that had been brushed thru...he gets all of that to show up in this sculpture.  And I just love that! 

That was my week...I hope that we're all are able to find a 'few good things' in the week to come!
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1980's Master Bath Reno-Completion

~Post contains affiliate links~

My goodness, it's about time I wrote this post!  The reno has been completed for quite a while and put to good use on a daily basis.  After imagining the renovation of this space for years, the reality far exceeded my expectations.  As a nature lover, the window, natural light, and the view to the trees all create an airy ambience in the space during the day that I couldn't have even imagined.  It's almost like the view is now framed and thus appreciated even more.   But the inside is so much improved too, as it's been brought forward 35 years!  Here's a look at the transformation.  It took quite a while to complete, but was so worth the wait.  Let's begin with a look back at the original space and plans.

Picture Window/Tub Wall

Closet/Shower Wall

We waited a few months before having the shower door installed.

W/C Area

A 1980's bath brought into the 21st century.  I think this may be my favorite project to date!

To see where it all begin, see the posts below:

Vertical Paneling and Trim Color:  Benjamin Moore OC-117 Simply White Advance in Satin
Wall Color: Benjamin Moore OC-117 Simply White Ben in Eggshell
Door Color: Benjamin Moore HC-101 Hampshire Gray (sample tin; still need to buy real paint!)
Window Color: Sherwin Williams SW7069 Iron Ore
New Door Hinges and Knobs: Antique Brass
Towels, Baskets, and Bins: Homegoods
Towel Rings: Kingston Brass
Tub Faucet/Sprayer Combo: Kingston Brass
Toilet Handle: Kingston Brass
Toilet Paper Holder: Kingston Brass
Shower Floor Tile: Daltile Charcoal Penny Tile
Shower Wall Tile: Daltile Restore Bright White-3x6 subway, Chair Rail, Quarter roundBullnose
Marble Shower Threshold Face/Front: 4x12 Marble Tile (those 4 pcs of tile below the threshold)

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