Nature's Winter Color Palette

Monday, January 22, 2024

I don't think I have been as obsessed with a cutting since discovering Queen Anne's Lace growing on the side of the road last summer, lol!  This is 'Fire Chief' Arborvitae.  Welcome to my winter color palette.  The paint color on that swatch is Ben Moore Gloucester Sage...just insert all the heart emoji's here.

When I saw this pillow, I realized I already have this palette inside...this plus a green velvet and I'm done.  It's from Pottery Barn a few years ago called Shelli Paisley.  I've been able to find it over the years via Ebay and Poshmark/Mercari.

My 'cutting' started out in the kitchen the night before, then moved to my office for a day.  It inspired me to clean up the two shelves in the photo and declutter the corners of my office and inside the armoire which was collecting a lot of miscellaneous items.  Poor third day.

When picking up groceries the next day, the color (and price!) of these Anjou pears made me get a few.  I'm not even a fan of pairs, (i mean pears, though actually it a pair, lol) but these were actually really good.  And even better, aren't they pretty?!

But wait there's more, lol!  I actually stole that pillow from my family room, but then found this rust colored blanket behind a chair in my living room.  I must have put it away over the summer, so that was a happy find.  But isn't it the perfect shade of rust that perfectly compliments that olive green and gives all the warm and cozy vibes for these cold, blustery days?  Just say yes.

Until inspiration strikes again...

If you want a good source for a delicious, affordable green velvet pillow, here's one I've bought repeatedly. 



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