1980's Master Bath Reno-Design and Demo

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hey, it's been a minute, right? Here we are in 2023, and we're finally starting our master bath reno.  If you had told me in 2016 that we would be nearly seven years later renovating this bath, I would have said "No way!"  It's exciting but has also required a lot of decisions and patience.  A couple of months ago I nailed down my design plans into a a mood board.

I've been dreaming of what I would do to this space for seven years.  Originally I thought we would keep the vanity, but changed my mind on that over the years.  I always dreamed of a freestanding tub underneath that window, but had a difficult time finding a plumber that would move the plumbing without opening up the ceiling below.  We almost started the reno back in 2020, but Covid had gotten back up to a level where it didn't seem safe to invite strangers into your home.  But finally this year we started work.  This is what the space looked like before demo began.

What I love about this room is its size, the amount of natural light it gets thru two windows, and the separate tub/shower.  It also has a nice sized linen-closet.  I do wish that it had a separate WC, but I appreciate that it at least has the wall to provide some privacy.  

In October of last year I started ordering materials and told myself there will be hiccups, but everything is figure-out-able.   I've chosen to act as my own general contractor, pulled the permit, and hired trades to get the work done.   Work started on January 2nd and by day two, this is what we were working with.  OYE!

Already there have been hiccups, but I think setting my expectation that there would be some made them feel less overwhelming.  They have NOT been the hiccups I expected.  Since I've had a bit of space to think about them, honestly I guess they're not so bad.  My fear was that we would discover some horrible leak or rot underneath the shower or tub.  Nope!  Or some termite damage or rot in the walls.  Nope! The actual hiccups have been one of my own making, and one from a failed inspection, and one from the doorway size.  The work has been paused for a month because of one of the hiccups.  The good news is demo is done and I actually started a DIY project while I have been waiting for work to resume.  But I will be back to share more about that!

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