Updating the Front Entrance with SW Pinky Beige

Monday, September 26, 2022

Oh hi there! I've been piddling away over a few DIY projects over the last several months, slowly updating the front entrance.  The last of which was painting this new front door.  This pink paint color has me in LOVE at the moment. It really made it feel that the entry way has changed quite a bit from it's original look six years ago and thought I would document it's phases.  

I always thought the original entrance was charming.  I love the detail of the trimwork around the door.

(Original entrance 2017)

But back in the spring I finally replaced the exterior lights and doorbell and touched up the trim paint.  

I originally wanted to add a glass security door so that I could open the front door and let in the light.  But I started thinking I don't want to have my front door open all the time just to let in light.  So when I stumbled across this beauty from Masonite that was basically a window-door it was a perfect solution.  I can't seem to find it online, but I will link the 9-lite version.  I'm thinking this may be an older style, but it was very reasonably priced.  I found it in a Masonite catalog they had in-store. I ordered it in March and was able to finally get it installed until July.  It comes unfinished, which allowed me to play with the color.  

 I originally painted the door SW Anonymous, a lovely warm gray (or so it seemed), with the intention that we would soon repaint the trim a lighter cream and match the shutters to the door.  However, painting is on hold, and the color didn't read as warmly as I thought it would.  The existing cream trim color has pink undertones which clashed with the grey.  So I was trying to figure out what color would work. I thought about doing a light blue and actually bought a sample.  But was flipping thru some mauve-toned paint chips I had picked up, and they looked really nice with the existing trim color.

It seemed better to complement the existing trim and shutter colors rather than fight them.  Pink was never on my radar, but I really like it.  The color is by Sherwin Williams called "Pinky Beige".  How can you not love a color with that name?

What do you think?  Do you love?  Or is it awful with the green and the brick?  

To select lights, I ordered a couple of sets and actually personally liked the arched one better, but the hubs liked the tapered one better. Both were good, so easy compromise.

I also wanted to replace the doorbell and this lovely little number was the perfect shade of gold.  I kind of wanted to get a video doorbell, but also kind of wanted to keep that 'classic aesthetic'.  Plus so far, we haven't had any porch pirates.  Of course, maybe we shouldn't wait until we have a problem, but like I said...aesthetics won.  We have a second doorbell at our garage door, so I would move this one there if we ever did switch to a video doorbell.

With a new door, I also switched out the hardware.  I chose the Hamden Handle Set from Emtek with the Norwich Knob in French Antique Brass and hinges in a matching finish.

And that is how we got to here!  


  1. I love everything you've done! Just discovered you.

  2. I went with BF Nancy’s Blushes, which feels too bright in stark NE winter. I am going to try your shade. Thanks for sharing it. Looks lovely!