A Boy's Room at the New House

Saturday, September 2, 2017

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A summer hiatus from working on projects served as a creative inspiration and motivation to begin tackling spaces that have been neglected since moving in. I think to date, I've painted 5 spaces since school began.  I would start on the next space before finishing up the one I was working on to keep the ball rolling.

This is the Bub's room, and he requested 'real color'.  None of that neutrals and grays business.   Humph. I had to think back to my mom letting me paint my shared room lavender and helping me buy purple comforters for our bunk beds.  Ackk!!! That would make me want to claw my eyes out now, but I loved it as a kid.  And in his defense, I actually like this color too!  He requested blue, but I got to pick the shade.  It worked out great because this was a color I tested out for the dining room and had been looking for a space to use it in.

With this room , the paint needed a refresher, and  the closet walls needed a full blown face lift. I don't know if the shelving was torn from the walls or they had slowly fell off over the years but there were soooo many holes in the wall, not to mentions all of the dings to fill.  But, I got it all done, and man, what a difference it makes!



Original Space

Just after moving in and adding new flooring,

And today!

Usually the Bub doesn't go to his room until bedtime, but yesterday he went there to hangout right after getting home from school.  I love that we were able to reuse almost everything from his room at the old house.  I could never find another set of the original curtains to add to the windows, but I was able to re-purpose them in the game room.

Remaining projects for this room are:

1.  Updating the light switches, sockets, and plates from almond to white.

2.  Replace the fan/light.

3.  Add art to the empty picture frames.

4.  Add art above the bed.

I will share sources in a later post, but let me know if there's anything you're interested in.

Until next time!

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