Monday Musings-Planning for the First Day of School

Monday, July 27, 2020

The beloved first day of school pics. I have one for my son from every year except Kindergarten.  I think I just wasn't into documenting life at the time.  (I know, it's a shame.)  But every year since then, I've taken pictures to remember what the first day of school looked like.  This year the first day of school will look very different because of the pandemic.  But the first day of school pic is no less important this year.  Perhaps it's one of the most important years to document because of what's happening.  So don't let this year pass you by or feel that it's any less important to remember.  It's often the ordinary, mundane things of life that are the most extraordinary in memory.  

How can we still make the first day special?  Maybe make their favorite breakfast.  Have fresh school supplies ready for them to start the year off right.  Get them excited about picking out their first day of school outfit.  They may not be boarding a bus, but they'll probably be logging on and seeing their fellow classmates for the first time.  And just like we tend to be more productive for a day's work when we get dressed for work, our kids will most likely be more productive if they are dressed for school.  They'll probably feel better and approach their school work with more mental focus if they are dressed for the task.  And bonus, they'll look cute (or handsome) for that first day of school pic that you're going to take!

I'll confess, I usually buy summer clothes in April/May as the school year is ending, and he wears those to start the new year.  But this spring we were mostly trying to just stay home. So my son has been wearing clothes he had from last year, and some are just a little too small because, well, kids grow.  So I thought I would share a few items that I plan on picking up.

We tend to stay pretty basic with graphic tees mixed with athletic and khaki shorts to stay comfortable.  I personally have purchased Cat and Jack tees for my son for the last 3 years.  They're reasonably priced (six bucks!), they wear well, and all of the line comes with a one year warranty.  I've never used it on a tee, but I have on a pair of jeans, so I know they honor the warranty.  It stays pretty hot here until October/November, so I won't pick up too many fall pieces just yet, but I am including a few pairs of jeans.  I'm a little torn about whether he will need a backpack, and if you have a good one from last year, I say just use it.  I've only purchased two backpacks in seven years.  I bought an Adidas backpack in Kindergarten, and it lasted until the end of 5th grade.  So I've included a few because the quality was great.

Outside of prepping for the first day of school with clothes and supplies, it will also be important to set up their workspace for success.  I've been brainstorming what will he actually need to get work done.  Even though I did build a desk this past spring, I think we need to add more functionality for this longer term use.  So I will be putting together a list of desks and desk supplies to help set them up since I know not everyone will have time to build a desk.

What ideas do you have for making the first day special this year?  Have you ever forgotten to take the First Day picture?

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