Series: An 80's Kitchen DIY Reno- {Part 6- Ordering Materials and Fixtures}

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I shared quite a few of my sources for the kitchen in the first post of this series, but I wanted to compile them all in one post.  One of my favorite finds for this remodel were the sconces.  There's a more expensive version that has a white lining inside where the light bulb is, but this one is a fraction of the cost.  I went thru two other sconces before finding this one.  I initially ordered 3-way adjustable sconces, but they were too large for my ceiling height.  Another sconce I tried, the joints couldn't support the weight of the sconce and they wouldn't stay in position.  The ones I chose gave me the aesthetic I wanted at a price point I could afford. 

The sink and strainer were both by Kohler.  The stone installers picked up the sink when they came to measure the countertops so they would have it for fabricationI had purchased and installed the faucet a couple of years earlier and was able to reuse it.  I was also able to find a matching soap dispenser by the same manufacturer.

I ordered pretty much all of my materials before work began.  Sometimes, things can be delayed unexpectantly.   Perfect example, when I initially ordered the sink, it was on back order for months because there had been a fire at the Kohler factory. Had I waited until the last minute to order and that problem arose, I probably would have had to choose another sink.   If it's something you're not willing to negotiate on, you don't want to have your project delayed for that item. 

1.Microwave | 2.Cabinet Knobs and Pulls | 3.Double Oven | 4.Gas Cooktop | 5.Vent Hood

The double oven had already been installed, but the vent hood and gas stove were still to come.  I went with a countertop microwave to go inside the new peninsula.  I needed to verify it's dimensions to size the new cabinet appropriately.  There are some built-in microwaves, but I couldn't justify the cost difference when we literally just use it for making popcorn, tea, and reheating a few meals!  I ordered the cabinet hardware ahead of time as well to make sure that all the different tones of gold in the space would coordinate.  

Having all the materials ready to go meant there would be no order delays. So next up was running wiring for the sconces, microwave, and recessed lighting.  I'll share what went wrong and what went right with that process tomorrow!

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{An 80's Kitchen DIY Reno Series}


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