Life in COVID-19 as a Homebody

Monday, July 6, 2020

We asked ourselves at the beginning of the month, how many days has it been since we began actively staying at home.  As of today, Monday July 6th its been 115 days for us.  We began this period strictly staying home...literally only going out for groceries once per week.  We slowly added a in a few restaurant meal pick ups, and some runs to Home Depot/Lowes.  I think last month my husband, GB, went to his office a few days.  But not venturing out beyond that.  Now that cases are on the uptick here in our area, we have wound back down again to literally groceries.  And even that I am attempting to just pick up.

My heart and appreciation goes out to so many who work the front lines, in hospitals, grocery and drug stores, gas stations, and so many other areas.  Even more so to those who've lost jobs and especially those who have lost loved ones.  I don't take for granted that I have been incredibly fortunate thus far.  I do wonder sometimes if this will be our generation's equivalent to the Great Depression.  Not in terms of unemployement per se, though there have been high numbers, but to the sharp disruptions to life as we knew it.  You read stories of how people from that generation didn't believe in waste... they never wanted to go without like they had to during that time. What would be our great takeaway?  What would be your great takeaway?

I took this thing seriously when we were asked to stay home, but I honestly thought we would all go home for two weeks + the week of spring break at the end of March, and it would all be over.  I couldn't understand why people were panicking about losing their jobs over a two week shutdown.  But here we are.  

So here's something I've personally learned/confirmed so far. I am a homebody.  I already knew this about myself.  I like being home, taking care of home, having my people at home...knowing they are safe.  I sorta secretly relished being able to be home and have nowhere I was required to be or do.   I know this isn't everybody, it probably isn't most people, lol!  But in this moment in life, it has been an advantage.  

That being said, I am human. I have still mourned the disruption and loss of normalcy.  I love my little tribe, but we all get on each others nerves.  I want to go explore parks and nature, and travel, and have friends over in person.  I miss all of that.  I miss being able to just go to the store and find toilet paper at will!  (At least that part has slightly improved!)  Having no foreseeable end in sight makes people have what I am calling 'vigilance fatigue'.  We get tired of staying on our toes of conscientiousness.

BUUT...all that being said, I still take this virus very seriously and value life.  So we trudge on, good days and bad, and do what is necessary and what is in our realm of control to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.

What about you?  Are you a homebody or a social butterfly? What's something you've learned or confirmed about yourself since the pandemic began?  

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