Give Yourself a Gift in the Morning, Clean at Night

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Growing up, my mom gave each of us kids a night to wash dishes.  I don't remember what my night was, but in a family of seven and no dishwasher, it felt like quite a bit of work.  Now, as an adult, I don't go to bed without cleaning the kitchen.  I might be 10 or 11 p.m. getting it done, but it will happen.  And I guess I have my mom to thank for that!

Now that it's just the three of us in my family and we have a dishwasher, it's a lot less work.  So what exactly do I do?  Now that we are home all day, and eating at home all day, I try to load dishes into the dishwasher thru-out the day.  After dinner, I load in anything left and wipe down the counters and cooktop.  I also give the floor a quick sweep.  There are some people I know who don't use their dishwasher at all--those are not my people, lol!  

I only hand wash things that are too large for the dishwasher or not meant for it like wooden utensils and my dutch oven.  For those things, I like using a these basic scrub sponges and little wooden scrubbers like the ones below for cleaning pans and dishes.  The right tools make the job a little more enjoyable!

Creating this habit at night serves as a gift to yourself in the morning more than anything else. You get to wake up and start your day in peace and with a clear workspace.

What about you?  Are you one of the wild ones who skip using the dishwasher?  

  Share the good habits you have at night that set you up for a calm morning!

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