One Room Challenge-Week 4 {4 Ideas and 1 Dresser}

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Week 4 of the One Room Challenge!  Where has the time gone?  This week I feel like I haven't really gotten a lot done.  I was still adding polyurethane to the chests over the weekend and adding hardware on Monday.  It was more so a week of moving things in and out of the room and testing out ideas.   The only one I feel for sure I am keeping as is would be the new/old dresser.  I originally used it as a sofa table in my family room, but love it in this space.  

I added some frames around the TV to see if they would work.  I LOVE these frames, but definitely feel like black would be more cohesive.  So I will probably swap those out with Ribba frames from Ikea. I have a fun project planned for what I want to use for artwork!

I also moved in this chair from the front playroom to test out seating in the bay window.  It's interesting how much more space I have with the new bed and changing its location.  Now that it's centered on a longer wall, I have more space on the side near the bay window.  Plus, without the sleigh, there's almost a foot more space at the end of the bed.  Loving this chair here, and I probably have room for its big sister-the original Ektorp chair.

Next is the 'new' artwork over the bed.  I like the height and presence they have on this side of the room.  The ceilings go up to 13' tall, so these take advantage of that height.  These were the seafan artwork that I talked about doing a DIY on.  I made them several years ago and they hung for years in the playroom.  I took them down recently to add a gallery wall in the playroom, so they were stashed in the guest room waiting for a place to hang.  I plan to write up DIY instructions.  I was considering keeping them in these dark frames, but now feel like they are too heavy for this side of the room.  I am thinking of painting them gold, and reframing them on a linen mat board with gold frames.  What do you think?

My final 'steal' was taking these drapes out of my dining room to test out.  I am thinking of moving them into the bay and using four panels.  I do like the height they add and how they frame the bay window, but I have become accustomed to having the full view out of these windows, and they block it a bit.

I feel like this has been a 'try it and see if you like' it week.  The final big project is still adding the bookcases.  This is what that fourth wall is looking like. 


The good news is that The Beast has a buyer that should be coming on Saturday, so it will be gone soon!  I took some time to clean up that corner today as well, both of which will make room for the bookcases I want to build.  I still need to flesh out all of the other ideas above too.  Can I do that in two weeks?  I've got a couple of orders in The Shop that I need to get out too. (Forgot about that!)  So we will see!  

{Just a side note, I just heard that the Auvi-Q auto-injectors for severe, life-threatening allergies have been recalled.  So if you happen to carry one, or know someone who does, please pass on the information. We have someone in our family that has a severe food allergy, but happen to carry the EpiPen.   I know we would want to know if we carried that brand.}


  1. So, I like where you're going with the curtains in the bay windows. And yes, I agree on all the frames: black around the tv and lighten up the ones over the bed. Good ideas!
    By the way, your link to 'the Shop' goes to the Ikea ektorp chair.

  2. Thanks for your feedback on the frames. I thought I liked the ones over the bed, but then seeing them in photos---they were too dark! And thanks for telling me about the link!