A Neutral Master Bedroom Design Board

Friday, October 2, 2015

So, you guys, I talked about wanting to redo my Master Bedroom a few days ago.  I decided to flesh out my ideas, and put them on digital paper.  And this is what I came up with!

A Neutral Master Bedroom

I have to say, I already love it!  I really should do this more often--use more digital paper.  I became more conscious of wood tones and the different shades of colors being cohesive.  I think sometimes when we see bits and pieces that we like, bringing them all together they may not coordinate.  Planning it out can help out with that.  I also mentioned previously that I had been dreaming of this neutral serene space, and I feel like these are most of the ideas that have been floating around in my head.

This is the bed that I haven't set up yet.  It's the Skyline custom upholstered bed.  I ordered mine from Target who currently has them for 15%+10% off thru the end of next week at least.  But you can also find them on Amazon (this Pewter one is 30% off!), World Market, and several other places.  Now I'm kind of kicking myself for not setting it up, because I know I like it so much better than my current bed.  They do go on sale, but you have to shop around.

I have been hunting (un-successfully) for some vintage nightstands to refinish similar to the ones on the design board.  These that I found are from Cost Plus World Market, and they are currently half-off!

Threshold  Mercury Glass Trophy Lamp Base - CA

The lamp bases are from Target as well.  I currently have a similar base that I found at Marshall's.
Cost Plus World Market Large Wood Bead Chandelier

I'm loving the the natural wooden beads on this chandelier, although I don't know if I can actually give up my ceiling fan.

Pottery Barn Rug, Bedding, and Throw

The rug, bedding, and throw pictured can all be found at Pottery Barn.  A fur throw would be so cozy for the cooler temps approaching!

I would love to have long linen draperies, and may end up ordering fabric and sewing some. But I will probably keep the long, ticking stripe lumbar pillow and my existing bedding.

Finally, the piece de resistance, is the shelving unit.  I found this unit at World Market, and I love it.  I love the scale, the color, and the bookplates on each shelf.  And to top it off, it has rails so that you can add a library ladder.

So this is the one option for the room.  I'll be back to share another design board with a bit more color.  I also have ideas for several money-saving hacks and DIY's for most of the major pieces including the artwork, so I will share those later as well.  Happy Friday everyone!

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