One Room Challenge-Week 2 {The Master Bedroom Redo}

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's the end of Week 2 for the One Room Challenge-Guest Participants hosted by Linda over at Calling It Home.  It was a very short week for me because of my late start, but I was able to make a small bit of progress that to me makes a big difference.  I spoke about having this bed ordered and delivered months ago, but I never put it up!   I already appreciate this challenge, because it has gotten me moving.

A little bit of a change from last week, right?

When getting started, I couldn't decide if I should take down the wood bed first or unpack the new one, just in case I was missing some hardware for the new bed.  So I unpacked the new one first, quickly reviewed the hardware and instructions, and decided to go ahead and take down my old bed.  Thankfully, it came down pretty easy, since I was going it alone!  The hardest part was lifting the mattresses off the bed.  I eased the rails out of their slots with a rubber mallet.  So it's now stored in my guest room awaiting its sale on Craigslist.

Next up was to put together the new bed.  I started by attaching the wings and legs to the headboard.  This allowed it to stand on it's own.  I'm already loving the nailhead trim on the wings.

Next was putting together the frame for supporting the mattress and attaching it to the headboard.

And finally, attaching the fabric-covered side and end rails.

The directions were pretty clear, and none of it was very difficult.  It just took a bit of time doing it by myself.  When I initially put together the headboard, the wing on the right side stuck out a bit more than it should.  But there is a screw on the inside of the side rail that pulls it in straight and the entire bed lined up nicely.  After putting it together, I feel that it is a well-built bed.  The only thing I am thinking of changing is the feet at the end of the bed.  You can't really see them that much, but they are just metal cylinders that aren't very attractive to me.  Before I even ordered the bed, I looked into replacing them with wooden feet like the ones below.

I think they would look really nice stained up against the linen fabric.  The only thing is the ones that come with the bed have screws that go down into the foot, whereas this one has a screw that is meant to go into a furniture frame.   If I figure out how to remove the screw, and add these I will show the pictures. 

So progress for week one is the bed is up!

Of course, there are several more projects to be done.  I am leaning toward working on adding different nightstands or artwork above the bed next.  But I am also kind of wanting to get started on the built-in bookcases.  This is what happens to me, I get a million ideas in my head, and get stuck trying to decide which one to start on!  

I sketched up one idea that I have for the built-ins yesterday.

I haven't finalized where I want them to go.  I know we want to keep the tv opposite the bed, but I am not sure if I want to put the tv in the built-in.  Although writing this out now, it's making me think of all the gaming components we have that are pulled out and strewn across the room each weekend.  It would be nice to have a permanent spot for them.  Also, if you look at the lower part of the sketch, you can see a rough layout of the room.  I am leaning heavily toward flipping the bed to the opposite wall, since the nightstands are a bit cramped on their current wall.  My other option is to put the built-ins on the back wall opposite the windows.  At 7' tall, they will be sort of massive, but I think with the vaulted ceiling they will be in scale with the space. Either way it goes, there are plenty of projects to work on.  So I will see which one speaks to me the most!  

Do you have any rooms that you have been putting off working on?  Let me know!


  1. You've made some amazing progress! I love your bed! Slow clap girl! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank-you, it definitely helped that I had already ordered the bed! Hopefully I can keep the momentum going!

  2. Wow, the bed frame looks gorgeous. Look forward to following along.

    1. Thank-you, I can't wait to see how your daughters' room turns out too!

  3. The space already looks brighter! That is some gorgeous tufting.

  4. Thank-you! It does, doesn't it! The wall color is dark and moody, which I love. I think I picked it out when I was watching Downton Abbey, but the bed offers a nice contrast!

  5. I would love to know where your bed is from. it is stunning