The Playroom Makeover {Part 4-Book Ledges}

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This corner of the playroom just got a lot happier!

 Originally, I was going to use the ones from IKEA that I showed on the design board (#2), which are a great option at about $15 each. 

But I thought I could probably make some out of solid wood AND save a few pennies.  When I found this tutorial for the shelves below by Kristine over at The Painted Hive, I knew I could do it.  In the end, I tweaked it a bit for the playroom, but that's what DIY is all about, right?

How To Make and Mount Narrow Floating Shelves | The Painted Hive

I'll be back tomorrow to share the tutorial.  But here's a few pictures of how they turned out.  

I love them and was excited to show them to The Bub, since they were meant for him, and he loved them too!  I'll be back to show how these were built along with a cost comparison.    

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