The Playroom Makeover {Part 1-The Plan}

Monday, March 17, 2014

I have been planning to makeover The Playroom since relocating it to this space.  Originally it was a living room, but we never used it.  Later, it became the dining room, but now it serves as the playroom.  I like that it's here because it makes use of a room that previously went unused.  Two, it gets great natural light after school, the time when it's most likely to be used on a daily basis.  And three,  it's near the Bub's room, so toys and books can easily be moved between the two.

The plan for the makeover is to make the room a space that inspires free play.  Kids(and adults too) so easily watch TV and pick up tablets and video games.  I would much rather inspire play and creativity with books, toys, and art supplies.   I've had several ideas floating in my head for months and pinned on Pinterest.  I thought it would be neat to mock up the design plan and show you my thought process.


Here's a breakdown of the design plan:

1.  The Restoration Hardware Knockoff chalkboard that I made a few months ago will be hung in the playroom.  I've just had it leaning against the wall but want to make it safe from falling.  I also plan to build a mini floating shelf to hold the chalk and eraser.

2. I want to add floating shelves like these from Ikea for book storage in lieu of a bookcase.  I plan to DIY some by tweaking a great tutorial I found online. 

3.  Having a homework and art station will allow supplies to be out at all times to encourage creative expression.  The thrifted desk I refinished last year will be put to good use.  The photo above is from And George blog.  I am debating whether to paint the desk black to allow it to contrast more with the wood tones of the blinds, but we'll see.

4. Stripes have already been painted on the wall in a greenish-gray color.  They are a custom color I mixed to match the chevron rug.  But it's a close match to Sherwin Williams 6164 Svelte Sage, kind of a muted green with gray undertones.  The base cream color on the wall is Sherwin Williams 6140 Moderate White.  The cream appears very beige on the website, but it's a very light, creamy white in real life.  

5.  The existing chocolate-gray velvet sofa and the Nate Berkus chevron rug (which is discontinued) will remain in the room.  Although the rug stripes look blue on the design board,  they are actually green.  But navy blue will still make an appearance as the major colors of the space are a greenish-gray, cream, navy blue and brown.  I was going to repaint the red table on the right, but I think I will remove it to open up the corner.  There's an interesting story to how we got that sofa.  I will have to share it with you, but it involves a toddler, an ink pen, and leather!

6. The yellow cedar chest pictured above came from my grandmother.   I love that a piece from my son's great-grandmother will be repurposed as his own.  I'll be repainting it in a lightly distressed cream color to help it better coordinate with the existing color scheme of the room.  Coincidentally, my sister was telling me a story about a safety hazard with old cedar chests.  Children can get trapped in them because there is no release mechanism on the inside to get out if they hide inside.  So I've already removed the inside clasp for safety.  Thankfully I was using it for fabric storage and it is filled to the brim!  I  could definitely see the hazard after she told me about it and couldn't believe it hadn't crossed my mind before.  I just wanted to share that in case anyone else has an old cedar chest.  The inspiration one, shown on the design plan, is from Pottery Barn.

7. I can envision a gallery art wall above the sofa after relocating the existing seafans artwork.  The scale of the seafans seems a bit off with the height and scale of the wall.  The constellations wrapping paper from Paper Source will be the starting point of inspiration.

8. Finally, I'll add burlap drapery panels like the ones above from Ballard Designs for the windows.  I need to add lining and actually sew the burlap panels that I have hanging up currently.  Right now they are just lengths of fabric clipped to the drapery rings. {Gasp..does anyone else do that?) 

I believe that is all, and most certainly, it is enough.  It's almost spring time, the perfect time to get started on projects!  I'll be back to share my progress.  


  1. Wow you should follow your progress also with video as well.

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    2. I may have to try that. You're the second person to suggest it. I wonder if our parents remember the cedar chest since it came from grandmother.