The Playroom Makeover-{Part 3-'Chalk' it Up}

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chalk it up to getting motivated.  The chalkboard is finally up and this chunk of empty wall space has finally been put to good use!

Prior to this chalkboard, we had a folding one from Ikea.  I like it because it folds up, doesn't take up a lot of space, and it holds paper.  (Actually we still have it, and use it for 'plein-air' painting, aka splatter painting, which is too messy for indoors.)  But I thought it would be neat to have a full-length chalkboard that was versatile enough to also be used in a dining room to list out a menu, or in an office to list out the week's tasks or schedules.

I did build it for the playroom, but it's been hanging out against this wall for months, out of the way of foot traffic.  (This is the wall I've planned to put up the book ledges on.)  I wanted to finally seal the wood to protect it from chalk dust and water, and hang it on the wall, so there would be no chance of the little people knocking it over.  They move pretty fast!

 I opted for a satin wipe-on polyurethane, taped off the edges, and applied three coats with a soft cloth.  This gave it a nice sheen and should protect the wood trim over time.

To hang it up,  I first needed to install D-hooks on the back.  

I screwed one hook into the frame, eyeballing that it was about six inches from the top.  Then used the level to mark that the other hook was the same distance down from the top.  Marking the holes, I predrilled, then screwed the D-hooks in.

Then I held the chalkboard up to the wall to see how high I wanted to mount it, coming down six inches to account for where the hardware was on the back.  

The easy part is the wall anchors that I used.  There's no drilling and no plastic anchors to plug in.  You just screw these directly into the drywall.  They live up to their packaging!  And they can hold up to 40lbs each.

Once these were screwed in, I hung the chalkboard up by the attached D-hooks.  Unfortunately it was crooked, or it looked slightly crooked.  The chalkboard was hung level, but the door frame wasn't quite plumb, I suppose. The bottom of the chalkboard was about 1/4"closer to the door frame than the top was. 

REALLY? It's just not possible that something would go perfectly smooth I guess.

To remedy this, I removed both screws and drew another level line about 1 1/2" up from the previous one.  With these anchors, I couldn't screw in directly beside the previous hole.   Then I screwed the left screw in about a quarter of an inch above the level line this time to account for whatever wasn't plumb there. And then rehung the chalkboard.  

I am loving this corner of the room now!  We keep the chalk and eraser in the little black box on the table next to the sofa for easy access.  Although the Bub's favorite thing is to put wet hand prints on it.  Go figure. 

But...I am having second thoughts about which wall it should be on.  Looking back at the picture with it leaning against the wall, I really like it there, plus there's an outlet behind there so I could put a picture light above it!  Plus, it's next to the desk in the room.  

So what's your opinion?  Should I leave it here or mount it to the other wall next to the curtains?  Just for reference, the current wall is visible from the front door, whereas the other wall is tucked out of sight.   Whatever is on this wall, you'll see when you first walk in.  And if I move the chalkboard, the book ledges will go here...loaded with kids books.  My husband says leave it.  Let me know what you think.

If you're interested in building your own chalkboard, check out this post from last year.  I'm off to patch a couple of holes...well maybe I should wait.  

Update:  I renamed and updated the blog and have moved to a new location!  I hope you will come check it out for the latest posts!  

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  1. I like it on this wall! Its a great entry piece.

  2. That's true, I do like it as an entry piece. Maybe the books would be to busy.