Upstairs Bath-A Peek at Progress

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I wrote this post a while back, but never posted it.  In addition to painting the laundry room cabinets, I have been painting the upstairs bath cabinets.  You would think these are two pretty small paint jobs.  But the time it takes dismantling cabinet doors and drawers of their hardware, then sanding and priming to get them ready to receive paint---that is where the work lies. If I could do just the actual painting, that would be so much more fun, haha!  Running thru spraying the paint took me all of about thirty minutes.

If you will remember the starting point...

This is not the best pic.  I think the color is a little deeper in real life.  But I was so excited to see the cabinets in the bathroom, that I put the drawers back even though I had to do a second coat on the frame and touch ups.

This bath will/does belong to the Bub, but has bubble gum pink hexagon tile on the floor as you can see.  It's not chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way. (Darn it, absolutely no reason to tear it out except for the color!)  My efforts to 'defeminize' the room with charcoal gray cabinets isn't really working--that pink is pretty bossy!  But design wise I think it looks a lot better.  And if/when we get to change out the tile, I think the gray will go with the overall look I want for the space. 

I still need to ask the resident electrician to change out the lights and light switches, and I still need to hunt down a stone remnant to replace the countertop with.  I am also thinking of framing out the mirror with stained wood trim. I finished painting the laundry room cabinets but moved on to painting the kitchen wallpaper and wood trim and paneling before getting any pics.  But I  will get some soon.

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