Laundry Room In Progress

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Taking advantage of our warmish weather, I've turned our garage into a temporary spray booth.  One of the paint projects that I started was the laundry room.  I wanted to freshen up the walls and update the cabinetry.  I thought I would pop in and share the progress made so far. 

After finding a few inspiration laundry rooms, I created a design board a few months ago, but started to waiver on the gray cabinets.  But I am also in the process of painting the upstairs bath cabinets, and I ended up going with  BM Chelsea Gray.  So I decided to go ahead and give the gray a try in here too, rather than buy a different can of paint.

Now lest the above picture fool you, the walls in here had seen nearly 30 years of service and were pretty beat up.  I'm not done yet, but hope to have the cabinets and trim finished by this weekend.  But already what an update from the starting point! 

I am new to using a paint sprayer, so I've been operating on a learning curve.  I've learned that primer sprays so much better when it's thinned.  Also, if you disassemble your sprayer, make sure you tighten all connections when you reassemble it.   Otherwise paint might spray all over you, the walls, your get the idea!  Anyways, lessons learned, and lots of sanding, haha!  Until next time... 

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