Still Setting Up House-{The Master Bedroom}

Friday, November 25, 2016

In my defense, this room was 'set-up' within the first week.  It was also fortunate that the existing wall color was close to the color of my previous master bedroom.   What I did do recently was put the bed together properly, instead of leaving the panels leaning against the wall, staring at me daily.  I put it together myself last year, but was thinking that without the instructions I would run into problems.  Thankfully I labeled all of the screws when we took it apart, and it went back together pretty smoothly.  I will say, after a year I still love this bed.

Most pieces from the other house work in this new space.  We have the same bed and bedding, and I am still loving my Ikea-hacked nightstands.  The two white chairs that were in the window, at the other house, are downstairs in the living room.

But the smaller white chair that was previously in the playroom has made its way in here.  I was also able to reuse the white drapes and curtain rods.

This corner situation could use some work.  The black dresser just barely cleared the door.  The bird prints that were around the TV are still unhung here.  I still want to paint, especially the trim to a much lighter cream or white.

One thing I do love in this space is the light.  The room faces south and gets beautiful natural light for most of the day.  With our lack of rain over the last few months, it has meant a sun-filled room most days.  In the midst of life, the beauty of light and nature is so amazing.

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