Laundry Room-Behind the Doors

Thursday, December 11, 2014

This laundry-hall is probably the hardest-working room in my home.  It's where I go in and out several times a day, and it houses the pantry, laundry, and coat/storage closet.  The door to the hallway constantly stays open.  And the pantry door is usually open as well.  After the countertop was put down, I really wanted to clean up the pantry a bit.  It could use more work, but it has come a long way since I originally shared my plans for the space.

I keep my purse and reusable grocery bags hanging here, so I can easily grab them on the way out the door.  Though the food is front and center, the shelving extends another 2 feet into the wall beyond the sliding doors.  It houses a lot of paint and supplies, extra bottled water, AC filters, the leaf to my dining room table (seen at the bottom there), and more.  A lot of this stuff needs to be moved to the garage.  But the garage could use a good clean out and organization first.  Actually, a lot of this stuff needs to be purged.  All in due time.

The little 'Groceries' sign came from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

The other side; I couldn't really get a full picture in the narrow hallway.  But you get the drift.  Food plus some Helmsman Spar Urethane.   How is it I have all this food, but still have a hard time deciding what to cook?

Moving over to the coat/storage closet.  The ironing board and accoutrements hang on the door.  We take it down and iron in the narrow hallway.  It's a tight squeeze if you need to get by when someone is ironing, but otherwise ok.  If I'm feeling like supermom, I will take it to the family room and knock out a week's worth of ironing in front of the TV.  

In addition to coats, this closet is currently housing my outdoor dining chairs for the winter.  I also store floor cleaning supplies in here.  A large industrial dust mop for the wood floors, a steam mop, and the broom.

Extra cleaning supplies above in the basket, and hanging on the wall, an insulated tote for cold groceries, and a backpack for travel.   (And the Bub's little coats!)

One day I would like to have a small outdoor storage building to hold gardening tools and to pack up outdoor cushions and chairs for the winter.  Right now everything has to go in closets or the attic and garage.

I think this hallway packs quite the punch.  Once the doors are closed, it looks calm and serene.  And that I can work with.

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