A DIY Latte

Friday, December 12, 2014

A hot drink, especially in the colder months, is so comforting.  It's warm in your hands and warms you up inside.  I had gotten in the habit of pulling into a drive-thru for a caramel latte a couple of times a week, but thought there must be a way to make one at home.  I've been making them for almost a year, and thought I would share how. 

Here's what you'll need.

I brew a strong cup of coffee using either a coffee maker or an espresso maker.  I started out using the Bialetti, which is also good if you're making more than one.  If I'm using the K-cup style brewer, I use the smallest cup to make it strong.   Either way only use 1/3 to 1/2 cup of brewed coffee.  

My favorite coffee right now--Starbucks French Roast.  The darkest roast I could find.

Next, heat up 1/2 cup of milk and add it too the coffee.

Sweeten to taste with flavored syrup.  I have found the large bottles of Torani flavored syrups sporadically at Ross and the smaller ones more recently at Sprouts.

Whip the mixture with a frother and enjoy!  You can buy more expensive frothers, but this one from Ikea has worked well for me and costs less than $3.  

I like to drink out of a mug at home.  But for $1, Starbucks sells a reusable, recyclable cup that you can take on the go.  Gotta love that.


  1. Good idea! I invested in that reusable Starbucks cup too!

    1. Don't you love it, and evidently it's been around for a while!