Bookcases Complete!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The bookcases are trimmed out and painted!  I am so happy to have them done.  It literally took all week to finish, but I am very happy with the results.  Check them out!


If you remember, I removed the existing trim.  This was so that I could add the floor-to-crown trim pieces to cover the spacing between each unit.  

The 'fancy plans' included adding new trim and re-using the 1x2 pieces for each shelf. 

I ended up cutting around a 1/2 inch off of each piece.  This is when I remembered why I didn't want to remove the existing trim.  So time consuming.  I also had to sand down the edges where I had originally glued the trim on.  

However,  thanks to some borrowed Big Guns...

the new trim went on pretty quickly!

I painted it out in the french grey that was already on the bookcases, although I am thinking of going to a lighter shade.  But for now, I really like the results.  Next up, styling the shelves.