Stomping on the Bookcases

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Or rather 'stumped' on the bookcases.

I have these bookcases, that I built years ago, in the playroom.  When our new floors went in, I added beadboard backing and attached the bookcases to the wall for safety.   But I got stumped on how to give them the 'built-in' look without removing the existing trim--so I never finished.  The space was originally a dining room, and after thinking about it the last month, I felt compelled to change it back.  That was the motivation I needed to jump start finishing off the trim.  Yesterday, I decided to just rip off the existing 1x2 trim and start fresh!

Yeah...that took all of 15 minutes.  

Seriously?  I procrastinated four months over something that had a 15-minute solution?  Anyways, I have a plan, new trim, and am hoping to have it done by next Saturday.   Hoping to show you next week!

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