Changes in the Dining Room

12:56 AM

The weather these last few weeks has been crazy.  We braced for a snowpocalypse last weekend, but instead got a sugar dusting.  In my desire to make the best of being trapped inside, I stocked up with bread, milk, and paint.  One thing led to another, and we started on about four different paint projects which I will have to tell you about later.  GB also asked me to find a replacement chandelier for our dining room.  He hung it up for me last week and I love it!   

I had also made a few more changes to the dining room since I last took pictures.  The blinds were hung and my beloved Memphis map found a home.

Just to remind you...this is from the listing.

After moving in, and removing the drapes,

And painting,

And now replacing the lighting and adding blinds, the room feels nearly complete!

When we moved here, we said that most rooms in the house needed paint, flooring, and new lighting.  So far this room is proof that our formula was correct.  The original floors were refinished shortly after we moved in.  GB has been in charge of electrical-- changing out the dated light fixture, and almond colored switches and outlets.  And I have been in charge of paint/décor.  I can still see adding drapes, and changing out the frame on the map, and perhaps changing or painting the black chairs.  But I like the way it is coming together.  Now to spread the formula to some other rooms.  Since the weather will be in the 70s for the next week, I am planning on spraying the bathroom vanity.  So I have been prepping the cabinets this past week and hope to be able to take pics by the end of the week.

TDC Before and After

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  1. Dining room is beautiful, what is the paint color?

    1. Thank-you! Its Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore.

  2. Where is your light fixture from!? All looks great!

    1. Hi, the light is from Ballard Designs. Thank-you!

  3. Wow, what a transformation! I love the chandelier as well - perfect choice. Where is it from? Thanks!

    1. Hi, thank-you! The chandelier is from Ballard Designs.



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