A Hallway Refresh

Sunday, February 18, 2024

I recently decided to update this downstairs hallway...again.  And any excuse to get a bit more vertical paneling, sign me up!

Let's look back at where it all started...1988.  Well, for me let's make that 2016.  I liked the trim and wood floors.

July 2016

I did a bit of work on it back in 2017 adding hooks and art.  I wanted hooks to hang coats/etc since we don't have a coat closet.  

However time took it's toll.  I stole the prints for the dining room.  And a few hooks became loose over the years.  Bless it's heart.  It served us, but it was time for a change.

Made a list and a basic plan,

And got to work removing baseboards and marking the height of the paneling.

The parts I was most worried about was cutting the boards to fit around the thermostat and the wall outlet. But I was able to use my jigsaw to cut out for the outlet. 

And for the thermostat a 1" hole drill bit for the wires to pull thru for the thermostat.  I just made sure to take a picture before disconnecting it.

Mistakes were made.  As per always.

But she came together.  Trim and paint to finish it off.

I am still thinking about adding pegs for coat hooks, maybe changing out the thermostat to a Nest, and I STILL would like a replacement doorbell cover that is a little more updated. But loving this 2nd transformation!

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