Renovations at the Oak House-Living Room

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

When we moved here, although many of the rooms were dated, a few had really nice paint colors.  But coming from my own home and having tons of old paint cans, we didn't want the sellers to leave behind any old paint.  I ended up sort of regretting that because now I had no way of touching up anything.

The existing paint color was a cool gray blue and had a very airy feel to it, but it was dragged down by the mauve trim.  Then the walls got nicked up in the moving process.  So when I finally got around to paining this room, I had to try to find a match.

I picked up lots of swatches and narrowed it down to a color called Evening Shadow by Sherwin Williams, which turned out to be pretty close.

Now the gray-blue paired with a crisp white feels so much more updated. With most rooms of this house, the goal has been to use existing furniture.  So the two chairs from my previous master bedroom found a place in here.  

I paired a house-warming gift from my mom with a Black Friday sale from Ikea to get the matching sofa.  And the bookcases from my previous sunroom are being used as a stand-in. Eventually I would like to either do built-ins or a set of wood/iron bookcases, or at the very least paint these white.   

  But I'm so excited about the changes so far!


  1. I found your blog by searching for swing set makeovers and found how you cleaned yours with the wood cleanser. What a difference it made! I just was looking at your other posts tho and love your style! My style is very similar. We have very similar chandeliers! But Ive always wondered what style it was! I dont have a name for it. Do you? Sorry if this seems like a random, odd question.