The New Oak House-{Before Pictures}

Friday, July 15, 2016

It's been over a week, and thankfully we did close on the new house last week!  We've been moving for the past five days, and today was the first day I got more than 4 hours of sleep in a several days.  I think we totally underestimated our move, but we are officially out of our old home. We closed on our old house today and handed over the keys to the new homeowner, who couldn't have been any nicer.  I thought I would be more emotional about leaving, but I think we were so tired, we didn't have the energy to be emotional!

I use the term 'new' loosely.  The house is a 1980's brick colonial-style home.  The good news is it's in it's original state, so there are no upgrades that aren't my taste.  The bad news is its in its original state, so everything is from 1988-yikes!  But some of the things that drew us to it were the mature oak trees,  the large lot size, and original oak hardwood floors throughout the main floor.   But enough talk about it, let get to the pictures!   Most of them are by me, but some of them are from the listing.

The entry has mauve trim.  I remember helping my mom paint our living room mauve in the 90's!

Another thing I liked about this home was the original solid-wood raised panel cabinetry, and french doors off of both the kitchen and family room.  And while I have no plans to keep the wallpaper, I have always found 80's wallpaper kind of charming.

I love this hallway...I've never had a house with a hallway.

This house is a complete change from our previous home.  We bought our first home new, whereas this one is a bit of a fixer upper.  We have debated over the past few months about how to approach it.  Do we tackle the bathrooms first, since they are the most dated, or do we go with living space since we spend the most time there?  We decided to go with fixing up basic bones of the house, which for us means updating the flooring, paint, and lighting.  For most rooms in the house, we felt those three things would make the spaces feel updated.  After closing, we spent most of Friday and Saturday cleaning up inside and out.  It felt good to take down all of the old, dusty drapes.  

I don't think I am alone in feeling like I can't live with old, dirty carpet.  Even in hotels, I usually keep my socks on. So we both felt that the upstairs carpet had to go immediately.  On Monday the flooring crew began working on the floors, so we haven't really moved in yet.  I'll have to share the plans for each room and the flooring progress!

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