The Garden View From Inside

Monday, March 14, 2016

Nothing really exciting going on around here today.  It's Monday, and that usually means a clean-up day from the weekend.  I've been going outside, in between the rain showers, to sit and admire the bit of work that's been done.  It's funny how just a little bit of 'green and clean' can be so inviting.  I'm also enjoying the clearer and cleaner view from inside.  Those half-dead shrubs were really dragging the yard down.

Loving how the dark grey of the birds on the pillow ties into the color of the retaining walls and fence.

I forgot to mention that I transplanted two shrubs from the retaining wall above into two of the holes where I removed shrubs.  They're called 'Goldmound Spirea', and already coming back to life.  I have at least six more of them in the yard.  They're virtually foolproof.  I'm loving the chartreuse color of the new leaves against the dark backdrop of the wall.

A little outdoor rearranging...

I've also been moving houseplants outside that don't seem to be doing too well inside.  I've only had these maidenhair ferns for about two weeks, and check them almost daily, and they still don't seem happy.  So one is outside for a little sunlight therapy. 

A closeup of the little plants I put in last week, so far so good. 

So that's my Monday morning.  Is anyone else feeling the effects of the daylights saving time shift?  I said I was excited about it, but I forgot about how it feels in the morning. 


  1. Melanie, I love the window coverings and the curtains.....Did you get the curtains anywhere special like IKEA???

    1. Hi, thank-you! Yes they are the Ikea Ritva curtains.