Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, so hats off to all educators!  Having my own son in school makes me think back to some of my favorite teachers.  I was painfully shy as a kid, and my 2nd Grade teacher Ms. Snowden told me if I ever wanted to just yell out in class, I could.  My 6th Grade/gifted class teacher, Ms. Graham, brought so much excitement and joy to the classroom.  And my 11th Grade History teacher Mr. Smith, who I mentioned on Instagram, could make you feel as though you were walking thru time.  I never liked history before that, and was amazed at how interesting it could be if you just had the right teacher.   Everyone has that special teacher who makes a difference in their education.  And if they didn't teach the masses, they couldn't make an impact on us personally.

This year my son's art teacher received a grant from Target to take several classes on a field trip to the High Museum of Art.  His primary teacher has not only been a good teacher but very compassionate as well.   I would imagine more than anything, teachers appreciate the expression of thankfulness for their hard work.  So this was my idea of a sweet and simple gift.

I picked up several notepads, cards, and gift tags a while back, but Target always has cute paper products!

I love chalkboard and craft paper for gifts, and these polka dot gift bags matched perfectly.  They were also the perfect size for a bag of caramels, a cute notepad, and a handwritten note!

 And the thing I am secretly loving about Teacher Appreciation Week?  It means summer break is right around the corner!


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