Late Summer Yard Clean Up

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Every year when the spring rolls around, I have great plans of dining alfresco and hosting outdoor parties.  I do a spring yard clean up over the course of a couple of weekends--- cutting back plants that have to be pruned in the spring, laying new mulch where needed, and planting new plants in bare spots.  I love being outside and enjoying nature.  However, things are never exactly how I want them to be.  I have to practically wrestle my family to the ground to get them outside (ahem, they know who they are).  And before you know it, down south it's too hot to do anything outside anyway.

So here it is, near the end of summer, and I have yet to host anything outside.  Part of it is my perfectionist tendencies.  But also the yard has been neglected for the past several weeks months.  So even though its unseasonably cool around these parts, I still can't seem to pull the trigger on hosting anything.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Well, to encourage you and myself, I am doing a late-summer yard clean-up.

On the list is:
1. Cut the grass. ('cause it is whack)

2. Pull the weeds. ('cause they are whack too)


3. Limb up my trees near the steps.  Since they are near the stairs to the upper level, it would be nice to walk underneath them without ducking your head.

4. Cut down random trees that have sprouted up over the summer.

5. Get rid of all the spider webs and spray for mosquitoes. ('Nuf said)

6. Use a blower to clean the patios.

7. Replant the containers that have dead plants.

8. Host at least one soiree!  (Maybe I should be sending out invitations now to make sure this happens?)

At any rate, hopefully I can at least enjoy being outside during the fall.  Any helpers?


  1. You've got your hands full!!!
    This summer was such a blur for me ( daughter got married ) that I never had a " soiree " either - now that I think of it no one I know did!!!

    1. Hi, congratulations on your daughter's wedding! That's a big enough soiree in itself, inside or out.

      It's a long list, but I feel motivated to 'try' to do something. And at least there's the fall!

  2. I always have grand plans to host something outside too, but life is too busy! I held a croquet party in the spring for 3 yrs in a row but that too has fizzled out! Maybe we can have a nice fall dinner party!

  3. Hey, Jae, thanks for stopping by! I know, I am hoping for the fall dinner party--outside for once!