How to Remove Stubborn Bathtub Stains

6:28 PM

So I mentioned a few days ago how I scrubbed and cleaned the bathrooms to get them up to speed.  I had cleaned the tub with a mold and mildew remover spray and Lysol spray, but the anti-slip bottom was stained and none of the scrubbing had gotten them back to white.  Which was sad because they seem to be heavy duty porcelain coated cast iron tubs.  A local company quoted me $295 to have them reglazed, but I feared that it might possibly peel in the future.  And there's nothing like saving $300 bucks to make you scour google for a last resort solution.

Well I mixed and matched some suggestions from online and found a solution!  I ended up using a heavy duty Magic Eraser followed by Bar Keepers Friend and voila! Brand new tub!

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who's bought an older home and is staring at this problem.  There is definitely an 'ick' factor to using something with this grime on it, even though you know you have scrubbed and scrubbed it.

Although you can find the above cleaners at quite a few stores, I picked them both up at Target.  Plus they are currently running a  25% off sale on bedding, bath, and home decor thru Saturday.  So you can spruce up the space after you clean it up.  Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.  I am working up a mini-makeover for these pink bathrooms that I plan to share soon!

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